premiere: oaktree “chapters” EP

come on a journey with us as we vibe this new EP…

by Josh Madden

With the world of electronic music exploding there is a wide spectrum of producers and genres- from dance floor bangers to living room make-out vibes, and our dude Adriaan de Roover AKA Oaktree finds balance between the two.

With his new EP titled Chapters just released on Record Store Day on limited edition 12", he has harnessed haunting yet mesmerizing sounds that totally set a mood. Some people might say you can’t evoke emotion without relatable lyrics, but have them listen to this and we guarantee they’ll change their minds. The EP as a whole feels like a story and each song is a chapter told with a subtle push and pull of his instrumentation- organic piano tones ring out while a trippy reverse drum loops dance around with ominous synth tones in the background.

We are told that Oaktree strays away from the norm when it comes to live DJ shows, as he adds in a spectrum of acoustic instruments to compliment his live electronic sounds. Make sure to check him out on Facebook HERE and pick up his new record HERE. Let's try and get him over to the states so we can witness his live show for ourselves!

-words by Yung Will