premiere: sol cat “sea of light”

Tripping the light fantastic…

by Josh Madden

Before you hear one note of Sol Cat's music, we wanna kick this whole party off by telling you their new EP is called Welcome to Cowabunga and it's being released October 1st. In the history of naming records, has there ever been a better name? We were put on to the Nashville-based six-piece's self-titled LP and immediately went bonkers for "Sea of Light." Maybe because we love reverb, maybe because we love a good Hammond B3, but definitely because the loopy chorus makes this track a smash. We've actually driven through the Florida Keys (just as this song mentions) and this track is a solid sonic match. The video is a trippy-melty perfection for this wavy tune, and seriously, the two-minute mark goes off!

The band has some tour dates coming up, which you can find HERE. And while you wait for the October release of Welcome to Cowabunga you can snag their self titled release HERE.