premiere: spirit animal “come to christmas”

A holiday jam we actually love…

by Josh Madden

If your mom is anything like ours, the holiday music started last week and it's going to go around the clock until January first. And if you're anything like us, this is already driving you crazy. The solution? New h]oliday tunes!

Our first new holiday jam comes via Brooklyn-based band Spirit Animal with their bass-rattling track "Come to Christmas." This track sounds like a Christmas Eve whiskey-fueled holiday hug that's turned into a bar fight. The video kinda reminds us of the closing credits of a The Hangover-meets-a Wedding Crashers montage but by the end, the song and video are both pretty and pretty explosive.

Listen to (and buy) the bands new record Kingdom Phylum HERE and check out their tour dates HERE. The band is just about to head back out on the road, so if you're down to party, make sure to catch up with them!