premiere: surf club “until then”

A new jam from one of our favorite bands…

by Josh Madden

You heard it here first -there’s something creepy going on in Stockton, California. This is the city that gave us Pavement--and more recently, The Sea Lions and Surf Club. Just saying- this has warped government experiment written all over it. that, or maybe the newest crop of kids all had the same really cool babysitter or something. Surf Club’s newest offering, Until Then, out now today on Beko Records, is a pretty sophisticated progression from Swoon, the single we were really into a couple months ago.

They’re still paying heavy homage to their Sarah Records favorites, but the new track "Until Them" feels slicker and a bit more modern--like if Jesse Ruins went back in time to collaborate with The Vaselines (in their prime) and they listened to a ton of Strawberry Switchblade and Shonen Knife. Have a listen and see for yourself and find out more about the band HERE.