premiere: swimming lessons “warm sheets”

The chillest of the chill vibes from our UK favorite on the rise…

by Josh Madden

If you know anything about NYLON Guys, you know our music taste is super varied and that we vibe out to everything from the heaviest sludge metal to the loopiest house music and back to the spacey laid-back vibes of chillwave jams. It really just depends on the time of day and the weather--the song of the day could really be anything as long as it's good. That being said, today's groove comes to us via Leeds-based multi instrumentalist and producer Ben Lewis aka Swimming Lessons. When we heard this dude's track "Double" a few months ago we hit him up and begged to premiere his next single. Aside from the fact that his music is the perfect soundtrack for writing or riding bikes over the bridge at night, his listed interests are pizza and synthesizers. Did we just become best friends? YUP!

On "Warm Sheets" Lewis collaborated again with MJ of Hookworms to create a more upbeat, bright-sounding tune. If you dig this track you should check out his others "Hall" and "Weighty Thread," which are available for download. We're collecting all of the Swimming Lessons mp3s we can find from different corners of the internet until this dude announces some kind of proper release. For more info check him out HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE for updates and enjoy our jam of the day.