premiere: the feed “stella”

An up-tempo tune to kick off your weekend…

by Christian Lavery

With an August 5th release date set for the band’s first album in roughly five years, St. Louis-based art-rock quartet The Feed is making sure we get the message that they’re back. Premiering “Stella” today--the third track off Outsider--the upbeat, up-tempo tune driven by a catchy melodic chorus has all the makings of a “keep pushing play” type of single.

Speaking on the new song, front man Dave Grelle says "Stella is a tune near and dear to the band and in a way, kinda personifies our existence...musically. High energy, raw, and frantic, this one keeps us on our toes. When auditioning drummers, it was the first tune I showed Kevin. Right off the bat, his instincts, feel, and technical skill had me falling off my piano bench...laughing. I was so blown away. I mean, listen to those raucous drums and that tippin tempo!"

Listen to the “Stella” below, and preorder Outsider HERE.