premiere: the henry millers “children” video

A nice little 3 minute vacation for your eyes and ears…

by Josh Madden

Whoa! Before we checked out this track, we looked up Brooklyn-based art-rockers, The Henry Millers, on Facebook and these kids are a trip! For serious, they aren't precious with an image or anything–they're, like, posting pictures of themselves fresh out the shower, posted up in bed at night, during birthday suit recording sessions, and you know what...we back that. Live that life, you Henry Millers! Here at NYLON HQ we are all about going all the way!

The band sent over their new video for the track "Children" from their upcoming full length, Posies, which is coincidentally not scandalous, but does happen to be pretty awesome. You know, for all the antics, these kids make really pretty music and this video is a sweet little three minute sonic and visual vacation.

Check out "Children" below and then roll on over to their Bandcamp HERE to hear more! You can find the band on Twitter HERE and on Facebook HERE...we really like these guys.