premiere: the love language “pilot light”

A new record with a huge sound…

by Josh Madden

Stuart McLamb aka The Love language releases Ruby Red, the followDASHup to THE BAND'S 2010 ALBUM Libraries, ON July 23rd and as the North Carolina native leaks out a few early listens it's very clear that he's matured in his songwriting and record-making process. First let us say, if you need to catch up on just who and what The Love Language are, just go spend a while on THE BAND'S website, where their last release plays continuously over an endless loop of waves. After a while there you'll probably want to head to the Merge Records website to watch some live footage and become an even bigger fan. After getting to know McLamb a little and becoming musical friends you'll hear the growth and expansiveness of the anthemic "Pilot Light". This track feels as big as a Beatles Abbey Road era jam mixed with the happy melancholia of a Poses era Rufus Wainwright, and the demo time spent in that Black Mountain bungalow really shows. Shouts go out to engineer BJ Burton and the 20 some odd musicians who played on this record, as both "Calm Down" and "Pilot Light" both sound spacious and developed. We'll have these two cuts playing on repeat until the end of July when Ruby Red is released and McLamb & co. hits the road (tour dates HERE).