premiere: The Mispers “Trading Cards”

This track sounds BIG and AWESOME and RAD and…well just listen!!

by Josh Madden

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Conor Oberst sang for War-era U2? It would most definitely be incredibly awesome, and that's the vibe we from this new jam from The Mispers. This British band is on the rise quick, selling out every single London show they've played and getting fans hyped on their brand new record, which drops in April.

The last track from their latest EP "Trading Cards," is the perfect way to conclude their new record. This song sounds huge, full of strings arrangements and and sing-a longs, giving off a vibe of resolution. This satisfying feeling when you finish a record just makes you want to do one thing: start it again from the beginning, and we're super stoked on this new music discovery.

Their self-titled EP is due out April 12th, so be sure to keep up with the band on Facebook HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE.