premiere: those mockingbirds “model myself” single

A single that will get you stoked for the record!

by Christian Lavery

Take some modern alternative rock, mix in some grunge, top it off with four part harmonies, and you'll have non other than Those Mockingbirds.

These New Jersey guys an gal recently decided to leave the comforts of home and plant some temporary roots in New Hampshire while they recorded their debut full length titled, Penny the Dreadful. With a release date right around the corner, the band has been releasing singles to build hype and we're excited to bring you the best one yet, "Model Myself."

We must say, the only way to truly capture the full spectrum of this song is via headphones. The amount of layers the band builds throughout the 4 minutes is really quite a work of art. No part is over done while everything blends together perfectly--each listen bringing forth a new part to enjoy.

We're psyced to hear the record in it's entirety, pick up Penny the Dreadful July 1st and be sure to check out Those Mockingbirds on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

-words by Yung Will