premiere: Uzi “Money” video

The wait is over!!

by Josh Madden

The wait is over.The super anticipated video for Uzi's latest single "Money" drops today and we're here with a first look at the crazy visual accompaniment for what has become one of our favorite tracks. For those who have been following the elusive yet very visually charged artist, this video will seem like an understandable progression from past works...for those of those new to Uzi please take a few minutes HERE to catch up.

We're still not even entirely sure if Uzi is one person, a revolving lineup, a collective, or even a robot--but whatever is going on here, we like it and we want more. The "Money" video includes more of the same of what we've come to expect from Uzi, girls, smoking, lounging on couches but this time around there's an all star cast which includes the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Kendall Jenner, David Hasselhoff, Remy Fox, Lil' B, Aleali May, Yung Jake, Ian Connor, Big Sean, Mike Will, Jon Pontiac, Carly Tway, Tara Lynn, Sweaterpuppiez, Alanna Pearl, and illroots' Mike Waxx.

Directed by Uzi, Ash Travers & Mike Waxx and produced by Mike of Uzi this track and visual pretty much feel like the official launch of summer. For up to the minute updates follow Uzi on Twitter HERE and, if you haven't already, also check out Mike Waxx's & illroot's other video work HERE.