premiere: yeah boy “can’t get enough” (acapella)

We chat with the musician and hear his debut single in a whole new way….

by Christian Lavery

Familiarity with Yeah Boy proves you either have a knack for the discovery of severely under-charted and overly-deserving-of new music, or you're simply badass. Either way, you most certainly deserve a pat on the back. What you may not know is that this saucy project is the innovation of Parachute Youth's Johnny Castro who left quite a mark in the electronic dance world with the now retired duo's quintessential single, "Can't Get Better Than This." Yeah Boy's utterly catchy debut single "Can't Get Enough" shows Castro's softer side without comprising talent or quality. The song first dropped back in May leaving behind a trail that's surely on its way into landing a pedestal amongst indie giants like Phoenix and Foster the People. Yeah Boy has delivered two EPs: including one that features remix treatments of "Can't Get Enough" from Valley, Alex Ross, The Soundmen and DWYR.

Today, we are enthused to premiere the acapella version of "Can't Get Enough" along with something a little different. We had the pleasure of having Alex Ross (who delivered one of our favorite remixes of the track which can be found on the remixes EP...listen HERE) ask Castro some of what may be on your mind

ALEX: What motivated you to start making music and what do you find keeps you motivated to continue making music today?JOHNNY: The actual love I have for music keeps me going and wanting to learn and create more. Music is never-ending and always changing, that's what keeps me excited and wanting to further my journey.

ALEX: Who were your biggest influences growing up and who do you feel has influenced you more recently?JOHNNY: I was always into my hip hop/soul music. I used to secretly love it when my sisters would play a bit of Brandy or Whitney Houston- just between us, haha. But as I grew and explored music thoroughly and eagerly I learned a lot more. I think every day your influences can change, mine do especially when watching gigs and seeing something different and new to me. At the moment I'm loving producers such as Kaytranada and Snake Hips- loving it!

ALEX: Do you play any instruments? What single instrument do you wish you could play?JOHNNY: Yes, I play piano and a bit of guitar. I would love to be able to play the saxophone, sexiest instrument ever.

ALEX: Are all of your records self-written and produced or do you regularly collaborate?Which do you find easier?JOHNNY: I write most of my own material but I do like finding certain producers to tailor the production style of the record. I love to collaborate and I find a lot of magic happens by accident when you're just jamming with someone. I'm looking forward to working with many more people in the future.

ALEX: If you could collaborate with one person or group in the history of music so far,who would it be and why?JOHNNY: I always say this, but I'd love to have a studio session with Pharrell. I just love his voice, style and approach to music. He hits the nail on the head every time, would be great to spend a day or two with him.

ALEX: You’re on a global tour, what would be your favorite piece of tech and favorite item of clothing that you could not live without?JOHNNY: I would need my laptop and mini midi keyboard. Essential! I love to write on tour, you can't ask for more inspiration when you're touring the world. As for clothes, I would have to say track pants- comfy, comfy track pants. They just make everything alright.

ALEX: If you could have any five things on your rider what would they be and why?JOHNNY:Ham and Cheese croissant (Best Food)A TV and playstation (Because I wouldn't leave the green room)A tour guide (So I can actually see/learn the places I visit)Complimentary Massage (Ultimate relaxation resulting in a spectacular performance)Bottle of nice scotch (Night cap)

ALEX: What has been your biggest achievement so far since creating the new alias of “Yeah Boy”?JOHNNY: I'd have to say just being supported by such well-known and respected labels and agencies. It's such a blessing to have people like your music and want to see your career go places, it's still early days for Yeah Boy but that definitely keeps you going.

ALEX: Is there anything specific we should be looking out for during 2014? Perhaps an album is on the cards? What could we expect to hear on there?JOHNNY: Most definitely want to have that album out! I think I'm just going to keep on writing and exploring new sounds, I don't know where Yeah Boy is going to end up just yet, but expect more music, a good live show and hopefully you'll be hearing a lot more from me, I'm just getting started!

ALEX: If I toured the USA and we met up, which restaurant would you recommend we visit and what should I order?JOHNNY: Hmm... I'm only saying this because I don't know many restaurants as I've never been there before but, White Castle. I want to see if those burgers really are that good!

Yeah Boy 'Can't Get Enough' EPReleased on Big Beat Records

Yeah Boy 'Can't Get Enough' Remixes EPReleased on Big Beat Records

-words by Miguel Angel