photo by kristin vicari


pretty on the outside

beauty products that look as good as they feel.

by steff yotka

Spring is here and with that comes spring cleaning. I know, I know, cleaning sucks.

But this time around I'm thinking about the inevitable purging of my beauty cabinet with optimism instead of dread. The way I see it, getting rid of the old (and the dust bunnies that have been cuddling the old for a couple weeks) makes room for the new, fun things that spring should be all about. And chief among those things are pretty beauty products. 

Of course the odyssey of all beauty addicts is the never-ending quest to find the products that are perfect for you. But some products put the fun in function, like the 12 awesome ones in the slideshow at right. So throw on your cleaning playlist, and inspire yourself to start fresh with these products that are just as pretty on the outside as they will make you feel. 

Anna Sui x Asos Makeup Set -- $90.33

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight -- $89

Bejeweled Vaseline -- $495

Marvis Cinnamon Mint, Jasmine Mint, and Ginger Mint Toothpaste -- $32

A Beautiful Life Mermaid's Kiss Perfume -- $52

Soap & Glory Body Butter Set -- $15

Eau d'Italie Shower Gel -- $42

Forever 21 Owl Lip Balm -- $3.80

Piglet Soaps -- $22

Topshop Duck Lip Balm -- $8

Urban Decay Electric Palette -- $49

Steam Cream Moisturizer -- $37.64