NYLON Staffers Celebrate National Coming Out Day And Share Stories Of Pride

Born to be brave

Today marks National Coming Out Day!

In honor of this special day, we caught up with members of the NYLON staff as they reminisce about their favorite Pride month memories. While those celebrations were held back in June, celebrating our LGBTQIA community year-round is absolutely vital, considering that the man who calls himself president is set to speak at an anti-LGBT conference this week. We need to keep this spirit going now more than ever. 

More than breathtaking parades and vibrant costumes, Pride is a really big deal—a fact put best by senior video producer, Daniel Huskey: "Pride is important because in order for there to be achievement in terms of equality, marginalized people need to celebrate those aspects of themselves that have been put down." 

We couldn't agree more. Watch the video below, and remember, today is all about encouraging discussion, and no pressure to those who might not feel ready yet. Keep doing you! 

Produced by: Ren PottsShot by: Daniel HuskeyEdited by: Maddy Talias