patty mayonnaise may take our heart, but doug’s big sister can take our closet!

by faran krentcil

We had a moment at the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway this winter, where we looked past the cool models and neon shoes and went "Oh my god, it's Judy Funnie!"

The cartoon beatnik who hounded her little brother Doug on Nickelodeon each week may have been annoying, but her clothes were to die for - giant sweater dresses, fuzzy berets, and a half-shaved head a la Alice Dellal.

She may be imaginary, but Judy Funnie has some real style.

1. Audrey Sunglasses, $11 @ Fred Flare

2.  Infra Red hair dye, $12 @ Manic Panic

3.  Anna Sui dress, $205 @ Net-a-Porter

4.  Angora beret, $18.30 @ TopShop

5.  Howl by Alan Ginsburg, $4.99 @ Amazon

6.  Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fall '08

7.  Marc Jacobs booties, $695 @ Net-a-Porter

8. Burberry beat perfume, $55 @ Sephora

9. Maje pants, $165 @ Net-a-Porter