sorry jan, but when it comes to style your older sister deserves our attention.

by rebecca willa davis

To celebrate our annual September TV issue, we decided to countdown the best dressed b******* of the small screen. Why focus on the mean girls, instead of the Rachel Greens and Joey Potters? Well to put it bluntly, the rule of television tends be the bitchier the girl, the better the clothes. And Marcia Brady undoubtedly had a great wardrobe. Now I know what you're thinking: Marcia Brady? A mean girl of TV? Yes. And here's why: In The Brady Bunch universe, where you always said please and thank you and resolved arguments with a smile ("Oh, MIke!"), the eldest Brady sister acted like their world revolved around her. She'd spend untold hours in front of the mirror, brushing her hair (remember, 100 strokes) and thinking about how pretty she was; she convinced herself that she could get Davy Jones to perform at her school dance just because she wrote him a fan letter (OK, he did eventually, but still--that takes some serious inflated ego); she put down Jan every chance she could. There's a reason why the football-to-the-nose episode is such an iconic one: Everyone secretly wants to see Marcia taken down a notch. But love her or hate her, Marcia had a groovy '70s wardrobe we'd happily steal. Bell-bottom pants in prints we saw on the Miu Miu fall '12 runway, platform shoes like the ones in the Prada show, and that center-parted, silky hair (now we'd recommend argan oil to prevent breakage) most women spend hundreds of dollars a year to get. Clearly, the look hasn't aged one bit…which is something we're sure Marcia would have gotten all smug about. Sorry Jan, but when it comes to clothes we're going with your older sister on this one.

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10 Crosby Derek Lam cropped pants - $355

Sparkle and Fade open-neck blouse - $59

Marni tri-tone leather slingbacks - $755

DKNY leather satchel - $365

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser - $5.99

Asos metal top keyhole sunglasses - $16.38

Josie Maran Argan Hair Oil Serum - $30

Davy Jones The Bell Recordings 1971-72 - $16.68