looks from donna hayward, audrey horne, and even log lady.

by nylon

Even though we don't find out who killed Laura Palmer until the second season, it only took one episode to notice how well dressed the inhabitants of Twin Peaks were. David Lynch and Mark Frost's murder mystery series began airing in 1990 and, judging by the wardrobe, it was a pivotal year in fashion's history where '80s trends were still thriving and '90s one were just beginning. We'd go as far as to say that this is the best dressed cast we've seen on TV (sorry Gossip Girl). From Josie Packards's seductive lingerie style, to Audrey Horne's schoolgirl vixen look and Donna Hayward's collection of ugly sweaters and mom jeans, it's clear that Horne's department store must have been one incredibly stylish place to shop. Amazing '90s wardrobes aside, there wasn't one female character on the show that didn't love a bright lipstick, good body wave, and a perfectly manicured nail. Here's a few ways to let Twin Peaks influence your wardrobe faster than you can say overnight shipping:


Halston Heritage wool coat, $318

French Toast plaid skirt, $14.99

Revlon Moon Beams Lipstick,

DVF sweater, $365

Bass saddle shoes,$69