your lipstick knows your mood even before you do.

by liza darwin

My old mood rings are buried under stacks of Pogs and worn Beanie Babies in the attic (or maybe just in repressed middle school memories...), but the concept behind these color-changing accessories is popping up again. This time, it's at the makeup counter.

Link: NYX makes $4.50 mood lip gloss.

Smashbox, Urban Outfitters, and TooFaced have all debuted "mood" lip glosses in the past, but the latest comes in stick form courtesy of DuWop. The company's Private Lipstick contains the same ingredients as those '70s shade-shifting beauty products (meaning it flatters different skin tones) as well as modern essentials like hibiscus, henna and annatto for moisture and long-lasting color.

I recently tried the new "Private Pink" hue myself, and it looked entirely different on my much-tanner roommate than it did on my pale skin- but it worked for us both. It went on smoothly, stayed on for hours, and didn't flake or smudge. The only thing this lipstick didn't do was tell the world whether I was feeling happy or annoyed...but then again, maybe that's a good thing?

Shop the five Private Collection shades here.