Purity Ring Debuts Sublime New Video For “heartsigh”

very surreal.

Much of Purity Ring’s sophomore album, another eternity, deals with earthly metaphors. Though, you wouldn’t know it from watching its surreal, sublime video for “heartsigh.”

The video, released today, was conceptualized by the duo itself, Megan James and Corin Roddick. Cecil Frena and Alex Fischer directed the project to yield a truly stunning result. (It brings to mind Florence + the Machine's Yayoi Kusama-inspired video for "Cosmic Love."

James and Roddick perform among an art piece called “Submergence,” by the British collection Squidsoup. (You could argue it’s the second star of the show.) In a press release for the video, James said, “The video consists of the many elements we have created and chosen to express in a live context, but has an added sightline of being in another world, keeping the past in arms with the present and holding a bit of magic in the dark.” And what magic it is. Get lost in this.