Photo via @godzdntdie Instagram

You May Want To Reconsider The Plastic Shoes Trend

Here’s why

PVC accessories are all the rage right now (we’re partial to the bags), but it turns out that those clear plastic shoes that every Kardashian seems to live in aren’t good for your feet. Surprisingly (not), wrapping your feet in plastic can actually pose a health risk.

In an interview with Page Six, New York City-based podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine explained that wearing shoes made of PVC can not only be painful but can turn your feet into breeding grounds for fungus and bacteria. “Without any aeration, the moist environment can exacerbate pre-existing fungal conditions or bacterial infections,” she says, “in addition to increasing your risk for blisters.”

On top of those issues, having your feet sweat in plastic can make them smell terrible. Says Levine, “The non-breathable material leads to hyperhidrosis [excessive sweating] and bromhidrosis [excessive odor].” Not to mention that the clear material leaves your callouses and the inevitable blisters on full display—which is not the best look.

For those who can’t quit the trend, Levine offers a tip: “Wear them when the sun goes down, only for a few hours at a time, and start off with the shorter pairs. I don’t recommend diving straight into the full boot!”

Or, you know, maybe restrict your PVC style choices to other accessories.