Photo Via Netflix.

The Internet Has A New Favorite ‘Queer Eye’ Meme

Netflix, pay attention

by Sandra Song

In today's day and age, memery is the greatest form of flattery. And the lovable Queer Eye Fab 5 has been the subject of it since the fivesome catapulted to pop cultural consciousness earlier this year.

Since the reboot's premiere, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, and Bobby Berk have all inspired an abundance of wholesome, viral content—from astrology memes to photos of Ilana Glazer's excellent ugly-cry face. The internet's latest Queer Eye meme obsession? The hilarious "Queer Eye but..." meme.

Over the weekend, Twitter users began coming up with oddly specific pitches for potential Queer Eye spin-offs. Amongst some of the most popular ideas were suggestions for things like "Queer Eye but its 5 lesbians with swords killing your abuser" and "Queer Eye, but its [sic] about a massive omnipotent eye that floats about the city, watching the people in silence, and is gay." Both of which sound pretty great to us, to be honest.

Netflix, take note. Check out a few of our favorite suggestions, below.