Photograph by Frazer Harrison/getty images


Rachel Bloom Had To Purchase Her Emmy’s Dress Because She’s “Not A Size 0”

“Pickings are still slim for non-sample size ladies”

by Hafeezah Nazim

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend actress Rachel Bloom ended up purchasing her own dress for this year's Emmy Awards—as opposed to borrowing one for the night from a designer, as is typically the case with awards shows—because she's not a "sample size." The actress revealed during a red carpet interview with E!'s Giuliana Rancic that she ended up purchasing the $3,500 Gucci lace gown she wore to the show. “I bought this dress," she told Rancic on the red carpet. "I love it, and I can resell it. Sometimes it’s hard to get places to lend me dresses because I’m not a size 0.” She added, “But also, I can afford it, so it’s okay.”

You can see a clip of the interview, below.

And even though Bloom is a good sport about it and her team didn't ask Gucci to dress her, since they "loan very few" dresses, she said, "pickings are still slim for non-sample size ladies.” 

Though it's shameful and problematic that celebrities who aren't a size 0 struggle to get styled from major labels, Bloom still stole the show with her classy look that she may or may not sell on TheRealReal.