editor’s pick: like, totally

a tote bag kelly kapowski would love.

by liza darwin

Fact: The average time saved by using the word "totes" instead of totally saves up to 26.6 seconds a day. And according to the ahem, totally official site Urban Dictionary, that saves about 2.7 hours a year.

But it doesn't matter whether or not you're a Valley Girl or you just want to save your breath, because I think everyone can agree that this Rad Nails tote is totes amaze on more levels than just one. Besides the fact that it's made by the kids behind those awesome nail wraps, it's an instant conversation starter (speaking from experience here). Also, the graphic is so '90s beachy retro, even the crew from Saved By The Bell would be jealous. Duh, especially Kelly.

So snatch one up for yourself here and let your tote bag do the talking.