Photo by Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

Radiohead Released Their Own Theme Song For ‘Spectre’


by Lisa Eppich

Whether or not Santa brought you everything you wanted, Radiohead gave us all an extra gift we didn’t know we needed: the haunting theme Thom Yorke and company wrote for the latest Bond movie, Spectre. While the tune didn’t end up being used in the film—Sam Smith's "Writing's On the Wall" was chosen instead—the band loved it “very much” and decide it to release it via SoundCloud on Christmas day. 

The result is a dreamy, piano and string-driven song that's both mournful and otherworldly—in other words, pure Radiohead. While it’s more dissonant and avant-garde than a typical Bond theme, Radiohead fans rejoiced over the unexpected delivery and will argue into the new year as to whether or not it should have been included in the film. Listen to it below. 

(Via and SoundCloud)