rain mac 577 by new balance

I can’t stand the rain…

by Josh Madden

rain mac 577 by new balance

As the legendary Phife Dog once rhymed on A Tribe Called Quests "Buggin' Out" "I sport New Balance sneakers to avoid a narrow path..." we also sport the mighty


when heading out for a jog. The only thing that can get in the way of a jog is wet sneakers and for this our friends at New Balance have devised a solution. Inspired by the average 20 days of rain the sneaker companies Flimby UK-based headquarters receives and Charles Macintosh's patented waterproofed fabric comes the 577 Rain Mac sneaker.

The shoes highly water resistant upper is constructed of suede, leather and nylon and it's foundation is a two tone ENCAP sole. The insole features weather forecaster inspired artwork and the embroidered Union Jack on the back of the sneaker is a nice touch. These beauties are available in two colorways now


make sure to grab them before the winter sleet and snow hit.