rainbow dust

lime crime wants to put a sparkle in your eye…

by liza darwin

We already love Lime Crime for its brighter-than-bright lipsticks, but the New York beauty company wants to make sure that your eyes shine, too.

The brand's eyeshadow collection, aptly titled "Magic Dust," contains sparkly hues like the purple-y gold "Dragon Scales," the pale pink "Cupcake Thief," and the flashy silver "Mirror Mirror."

Each of these little pots is highly pigmented, which means a little goes a long way (we attempted the soft gold "Nymph" without a mirror and ended up with Edward Cullen-esque shimmer all over our face).

But once you've mastered the art of light-handed application, you can layer the colors to make them bolder or even mix and match with crazy hues. After all, if you're going to wear Lime Crime, you better go all out.

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