Tinder Select Is Like Tinder For Rich And Beautiful People

Raya has some competition

You probably hate Tinder, but you also probably find yourself scrolling through it on a quiet Friday night. Depending on your particular location, the prospects tend to be hit or miss. There’s usually a winner in there somewhere, but you have to swipe left on a lot of swipe left-worthy people to get to them. But what if we told you there was a curated version of Tinder out there—overflowing with swipe-right worthy people—only accessible to a certain tier? If you’re like me, you probably just called out, “Welp, this is exactly why I’m still single.”

According to Tech Crunch, Tinder has an exclusive, secret version only available to “elite users,” called Tinder Select. Who qualifies as elite, you ask? A source told Tech Crunch that it’s “for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder.” Reportedly, Tinder can invite people to join and those invited can then, in turn, nominate others. Sure, let the beautiful privileged people only converse with other beautiful privileged people. That doesn't alienate the rest of us or anything.

We’ve reached out to Tinder for more information, and we’ve been told the company “has no comment on Tinder Select.” Fair. As we’ve learned from Raya, the first rule of Tinder Select is you do not talk about Tinder Select. But the least the company can do is send out an apology to the “normal” singles out there for sticking us with the Steves who “like adventure.”