read my lips

your horoscope and your lipstick color intersect when paul & joe celebrates its tenth anniversary.

by rebecca willa davis

Paul & Joe

is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in a few different ways. For one, they're re-launching their line of lipsticks. This fall, they're introducing 20 different shades--ranging from a sheer shimmer to a deep raisin--all refillable, so you can mix and match their ridiculously cute lipstick cases (this season includes one with a hyper-realistic image of a fluffy white kitten). They've also got an anniversary kit, which comes with a floral-print pressed powder and a slew of limited edition eye shadows. But the mystics in the office were most excited by the autumnal horoscopes they printed in their anniversary promotional newsletter; after all, we need something in between Susan Miller monthly readings. So we looked at the stars, stared closely at the new line of lipsticks, and predicted which color was best suited for each sign. Consider it a beauty makeover that's in the stars. Find your sign to see your Paul & Joe horoscope-lipstick match.

ARIES "Another season changes and you will be reflecting on past loves and future plans. Remember you are an independent strong person. Accept only the best from life." Paul & Joe fall lipstick collection pick: Strawberry Jam Why: Nothing says strong an independent like a flushed pink lip. GEMINI "The time is perfect for a reassessment of your priorities. Summer may be over but there is still time for a lot of fun. You've been too serious, lighten up and come out of yourself." Paul & Joe lipstick collection pick: Silk Stockings Why: Hot pink gets you in serious fun--and serious trouble.

LEO "It's time those around you heard that lion's roar once again. Play up to flattery, you need to feel appreciated because you deserve it. Remember, if you don't ask, you don't get!" Paul & Joe lipstick collection pick: Just Peachy Why: Bright tangerine is the color equivalent of a kitten roaring. Cute.

LIBRA "You want to make changes but are unsure where to begin. Start here with a new look and see where that takes you. You'll be surprised by an old friend's new attitude toward you." Paul & Joe lipstick collection pick: Avenue Montaigne Why: Berry stained lips are a no-brainer for fall. SAGITTARIUS "Don't worry when autumn begins with some unexpected news from far away. There is a real silver lining to this cloud that will become apparent soon. Good things are on their way." Paul & Joe lipstick collection pick: Secret d'Or Why: OK, it's not silver--but this sheer shade will give you a golden glimmer.

AQUARIUS "As the trees shed their leaves, shed your inhibitions. Get that make-over, treat yourself to some life affirming experiences. Your natural exuberance cannot be contained, so shine." Paul & Joe lipstick collection pick: La Vie en Rose Why: Life is grand, wear shocking pink lipstick! TAURUS "You have to make your own luck this season by taking chances. Don't be shy or stand-offish, you can only succeed when you are bold and more outspoken than usual. It'll work! Paul & Joe lipstick collection pick: Rouge Why: A deep red for days you need to make a statement.

CANCER "A seed you planted in someone's mind long ago finally bears fruit and you could be in for the romance of the year so far. Go wild inside but stay cool on the outside and your plan will work." Paul & Joe lipstick collection pick: Sheer Bliss Why: A subtle pink that's perfect for dive bar makeup sessions.

VIRGO "There's no sense in thinking about events of the summer. What's done is done and you must move on. But don't fret, bigger and better events are waiting just around the corner." Paul & Joe lipstick collection pick: Pret-a-Porter Why: Petal pink to cheer you up.

SCORPIO "Your summer love match continues strongly, so don't be put off by doubters. This could be the real thing, but don't get too needy. Everyone needs their space, even you." Paul & Joe lipstick collection pick: Mademoiselle Why: Bold but not high-maintenance.

CAPRICORN "Wow! What a summer! Time for a rest?--never. Get that new look on and show everyone that you know how to get the very best from all aspects of life--especially passion." Paul & Joe lipstick collection pick: Cathedral Why: Who else has the confidence to go this dark?!

PISCES "So far, the year hasn't been as kind as it could have been. But brighten up, that's all changing, from now on everything is going your way. That new look you've planned will really pay off."

Paul & Joe lipstick collection pick: First Kiss Why: A sheer pink that's mellow--but wan't wash you out.

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