real masterpiece michael jordan

Because everyone loves a little Jumpman…

by Christian Lavery

real masterpiece michael jordan

At this very moment, it wouldn’t be a bad decision on your part to go ahead and toss any and all Michael Jordan figurines that you currently own in the trash. Now I know that may sound a bit harsh, but trust me on this one – the Enterbay Series 1 Road Edition figure of the NBA legend is bound to put all others to shame. It’s thirteen inches tall and every detail that makes MJ so iconic, right down to his Concord XI’s, is accounted for. But with this Enetrbay figurine, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. His Airness also comes with his signature elbow band and knee padS, a pair of Air Jordan II’s and X’s, and five interchangeable pairs of hands – two of which contain magnets to the hold the basketball. Oh! And how could we forget the 1/6 scale MVP trophy from the ‘95-‘96 season, not that he doesn’t have four others to his name or anything. Preorder yours