Three Artists Reveal How Their Dominican Heritage Inspired Their Art

Meet Lucia Hierro, Gina Goico, and Joiri Minaya

by Hafeezah Nazim

Lucia Hierro, Gina Goico, and Joiri Minaya have many things in common: They are artists, activists, and educators; they are from the Bronx, New York; they are Red Bull's new resident artists for its House of Art; they are Dominican. And while all these factors have inspired the way they create, their heritage is what grounds them to their work the most.

"Our works are kind-of in conversation," Minaya told us while we visited their exhibits at Red Bull's House of Art in Detroit. "There's a lot of similarities in the questions we pose ourselves," adds Goico.

Find out how their culture inspires them to create art in our video.


Camera: Charlotte Prager

Editor: Charlotte Prager