Reebok And Lisa Frank Are Bringing You A Very ’90s Sneaker

Can fifth grade you even?

Lisa Frank has evolved into being so much more than just the theme for your middle school Trapper Keeper. Nowadays, her designs span the beauty, fashion, tarot card, and even credit card categories. All rainbows and unicorns, all the time—and you don't see us complaining. Her latest foray is into transferring the artwork of our childhood onto our favorite sneakers as she teams up with Reebok on a special project.

Frank has taken the brand’s Classic Leather shoe and put a nostalgic spin on them. The sneakers are just as decked out as you’d expect—with the notorious characters filling up every possible crevice and topped off with a pair of neon-colored shoe strings. What's even better, she’s created a pair for both adults and kids. We’d like to see the back to school outfit these creations inspire. 

But… there’s a catch. The shoe will go to two special winners, and two special winners only. How very limited-edition. On the one hand, this is unfortunate news for anyone other than the duo selected. On the other, say you win, you’ll be the only person lucky enough to be sporting these nostalgia-inducing kicks. It’s a very trippy, very colorful Catch 22. 

Head over to Reebok for more details on how to win, and check out the shoe below. May the odds be ever in your '90s-loving favor.