image via racked


reformation debuts a more affordable line

called “obvious”

by jenny lee

Reformation, redeemer of Mondays, has launched a lower-priced line, called Obvious.

The brand is known for its vintage-inspired aesthetic and eco-friendly production methods, but its prices can be a little daunting. Founder and creative director, Yael Aflalo, understood our pain and decided to launch a more affordable line made with the same sustainable methods as the the rest of the Reformation line but with a very different price tag. The items in this new collection range from $28 to $128—not exactly bargains, but definitely easier on our wallets.

Aflalo credits Instagram for her decision to debut this line (we really can make a difference!). When girls would comment on the Reformation photos lamenting their inability to afford the beautiful clothes, Aflalo admits that she felt bad that they couldn't just simply buy what they liked. Hence, the Obvious collection was born.

The name Obvious is a reference to the easy decision of buying something we really love if it's solidly within our price range. The Obvious collection is available now online.