Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Relationship

Picks for each level of commitment

If you've been questioning your relationship status longer than you've spent looking for a Valentine's Day gift, fear not. V-Day is on Tuesday, which means you have the entire weekend to shop. As for concerns regarding your relationship status, we get that, too. After all, how long you've been together can be a major factor in the gift you will end up getting, or even if you will get one in the first place. Whether it's your first date on February 14 (which is a bold move, but, as we've been told time and time again, fortune favors the bold), first one in your third decade of being together, or somewhere in between, we've got 33 perfect gifts for your bae.

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You just started seeing each other sorta, maybe, hopefully seriously (at least seriously enough that you're contemplating getting them a small trinket). Or maybe it's just that you simply enjoy each other's company enough to commit to a fifth date. Great! You will want to stay on the side of humorous—be that because you're not certain where this is heading, or because you think they are not certain about you yet—or get something that you both can enjoy, masking the gift as Date 2.0.

The Good Twin, I Like You Card, $5, available at

For when you just started to be "in like" with someone and want to let them know.

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Dylan's Candy Bar, Bacon Flavored Milk Chocolate Bar, $3.25, available at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

No non-vegetarian man or woman will not like bacon-infused chocolate. By this time, you should probably know the other's dietary restrictions. If not, you probably shouldn't be getting them a gift in the first place.

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Chandon, Sweet Star, $22, more information at Chandon.

Tell them that it's been a sweet, sweet time getting to know them with Chandon's newest bubbly. It's especially perfect if you don't want to seem too committal yet and bring this under the pretense of drinking it together.

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Pick-a-Stick, Sexy Truth or Dare game, $14.95, available at UncommonGoods.

If you haven't gotten to the sexing part, but are dying to, this naughty take on the classic game will serve as fun foreplay (just make sure the other person is on the same page and ready to be sexed up). Similarly, this game is just as seductive and fun if you've already gotten to that stage but would love to know more about your new partner.

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Old Navy, Super Mario Bros. Socks for Men, $6.94, available at Old Navy.

This is a no-fail gift because, truly, who didn't enjoyed playing Super Mario back in the day? If they haven't, drop them, they are no good. If you are feeling bold about your choice of new partner, these lobster socks (cue: Rachel and Ross in Friends) and mermaid/sailor ones are aces too.

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Food experience

If you think it's too early in the game to spring on a gift—and not in the financial sense—go for a fun food experience with your new lover. Pick a date where you can have something Valentine's Day-themed, but that isn't a cheesy three-course meal with heart-shaped everything. A few examples: The famed burger-milkshake joint Black Tap is offering a Red Velvet Cake Shake ($19) in collaboration with equally famous Magnolia Bakery, a red velvet cake batter milkshake with a vanilla frosted sprinkle hearts rim and topped with a slice of actual Red Velvet Magnolia Bakery cake, on February 14. Meanwhile, fried chicken connoisseurs at Blue Ribbon are serving up The Love Bird ($8.95), a fried chicken sandwich with melted mozzarella cheese and truffle mayo, served with sweet potato fries that have been coated in truffle oil and sprinkled with truffle salt; it will be available all of February.

Similarly, you can just invest in a DIY kit, like this FarmSteady Soft Pretzel & Beer Cheese Kit ($25), which you can use to make homemade pretzels and warm beer cheese dip. Who says you can't buy happiness? Suckers.

Black Tap x Magnolia Bakery, Red Velvet Cake Shake, $19, available at Black Tap.

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Herbivore Botanicals, Beard Tonic Sampler, $22, available at Herbivore Botanicals.

If the only thing that you know about your date is that he has a beard, well, you're in luck. This beard tonic is the best you can find. If the date goes bad, keep the tonic samplers to yourself to enjoy the scent.

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Newly committed:

You've been dating for a minute, like six to 15 months. You've gotten to know each other's tastes, or are at least are willing to experiment in guessing them. You like where this is headed and are looking for a thoughtful gift that reflects that.

Boxfox, Going Steady, $110, available at Boxfox.

The best part about Boxfox, a personalized gift box company, is that you can select every item that goes into it from a perfectly curated list of options, keeping in mind your SO's unique tastes and preferences. If you want something prepackaged, you can't go wrong with this box that features a Voluspa candle, black quartz crystals, lace bralette, and Black Lava Bath Salt among other trinkets.

Photograph courtesy of Bespoke Post.

Bespoke Post, Steam, $55, available at Bespoke Post.

For the guys, Bespoke Post, themed boxes geared toward the men, offers plenty of ready-made choices. We are loving this one, featuring a charcoal brush and Turkish cotton towel, for a man who likes his grooming.

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Sriracha 2 Go, Bottle Keychain, $8, available at Urban Outfitters.

Let her know that she's the Beyoncé to your Jay Z with this keychain that you can fill with hot sauce.

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Compartés x Winc, Sparkling White Blend and Dark Chocolate Vanilla Salt bar, $28, available at Winc.

For a foolproof pairing, opt for this bubbly-chocolate combo created by Compartés chocolatier Jonathan Grahm and digital winery Winc. The dry bubbles are the perfect complement to the dark chocolate with vanilla sea salt bar. And if you want more (and who doesn't?), Winc and Compartés have plenty of options to explore, like these amazing, Insta-worthy 24K Luxury Dark Strawberry Champagne Truffles Champagne.

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Gucci, Bamboo Limited Edition Eau de Parfum, $94 for 90 ml, available at Sephora.

By now, you should feel confident enough to select a scent that you think your partner will love. If you are still hesitating, pick a universally pleasant smell (like this floral one that has hints of Casablanca lily and Tahitian vanilla) that also boasts a pretty bottle that will look great on the vanity.

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B.tempt’d, b.provactive front close wire free bralette, $32; b.tempt’d, b.provactive tanga, $22, available at b.tempt’d.

Now is also socially acceptable to gift your SO a sexy pair of lingerie and remind them of the time you played Sexy Truth and Dare in the early days.

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Miansai, Enamel Screw Cuff, $215, available at Miansai.

If this is the first time you're gifting your not-so-new partner jewelry, you can't go wrong with cuff. It goes with everything; I get compliments on mine every time I wear it.

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El Cosmico 69 Tee, $40, available at El Cosmico Provisions

What can we say about this shirt other than that it's... nice. Very nice. The nicest.

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Seriously committed:

You've been dating for a few years and are either living together or considering moving in as soon as your leases end. You are looking for a gift that you either don't mind seeing all the time at your regular hang or one that will remind your partner of how much fun you still can have together.

Brooklinen, Scented Candles, $59 for a set of four, available at Brooklinen.

These cheeky candles from the premiere bed sheets company will remind you to take the time to appreciate each other and the joys of spending all weekend in bed, afternoon delight and all.

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Moët & Chandon, Rosé Imperial Emoji Bottle, $49.99 (SRP); Grand Vintage Rosé 2008, $69 (SRP); Rosé Imperial Gift Box, $49.99 (SRP), more information at Moët & Chandon.

You can never go wrong with a good bottle of Champagne. The new limited-edition emoji bottles, perfect for any couples that met online, are also accompanied by Moët Stickers that will allow the users to share the love with fun and flirtatious animations.

Photograph courtesy of Ayala.

Ayala, Brut Majeur Champagne, $55, more information at Ayala.

... or surprise them with a new Champagne that they may have not heard of yet. Our new favorite discovery is Ayala. Extra props if you can find the rosé version in the U.S.

Photograph courtesy of Juniper Books.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Art Deco Set, $195.00, available at Juniper Books.

What's yours is theirs, what's theirs is yours is basically the thought process that goes along with shacking up, so gift them something that you would also like to see in your home every day.

Photograph courtesy of Hill House Home.

Hill House Home, Your Side My Side Pillowcase Set, $160, available at Hill House Home.

Whether you live together or not, these pillows will serve as a friendly reminder of bed territory.

Photo courtesy of El Cosmico Provisions

Tantra Song: Tantra Paintings from Rajasthan, $40, available at El Cosmico Provisions

This gorgeous book is full of rare Tantra paintings uncovered by French poet Franck André Jamme and compiled in this volume along with text by Octavio Paz and Henri Michaux. While most people associate Tantric drawings more with the explicitly erotic work in the Kama Sutra, this book provides a way into Tantra's more spiritual aesthetic. Despite that, we still find each work to be highly provocative, imbued with a subtle and specific charge.

Photograph courtesy of Net-A-Porter.

Slip, XO silk eye mask, $45, available at Net-A-Porter.

No one loves anything more than a good night's sleep. Make it easy to come by with this luxurious silk eye mask from Slip's new limited-edition XO Collection. Added bonus: This eye mask prevents premature aging.

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Shinola, Leather Piggy Bank, $190, available at Shinola.

Extravagant? Yes! Freakin' adorable? Yes, yes, yes! Call it art when your SO tries to question your quirky taste. It is art! Look it up!

Photograph courtesy of Goop.

Nude Glass, Whiskey Decanter Set, $160, available at Goop.

This whiskey decanter will not only look great on the bar cart but actually serve a purpose. But mostly it's just sleek AF.

Photograph courtesy of BloomThat.

Live-long partners:

Whether you're married or committed for life, it's been practically a decade (or feels like it, in a good way) since you got together. All the possible gifts have been gifted, and each new year brings a new wave of panic once new holidays arrive. Or, maybe it doesn't because all you truly need is the right partner by your side.

BloomThat, The Clementine, $89, available at BloomThat.

When was the last time you surprised your partner with some flowers at work or home? Exactly! Use the element of surprise to your advantage and stun them with some delivered blooms. These one from BloomThat are just Insta-perfection. And you haven't even seen the cute packaging that it comes in.

Photograph courtesy of Bollinger.

Bollinger, rosé Champagne, $110 (SRP), more information at Bollinger.

Your love affair worthy of its own movie needs to be celebrated accordingly. Spring for the best of the best with a classic Bollinger rosé. You literally can NEVER go wrong with this gift.

Photograph courtesy of WeVibe.

We-Vibe, Wish, $129, available at We-Vibe.

Chances are you're not getting some as much as you used to. Spice things up in the bedroom by bringing sexy back with a naughty toy. Featuring several modes, this toy can also be linked up to an app, so that your lover can control it on you even if they aren't in the room. Plus, you can pass it off as a piece of modern decor.

Photograph courtesy of Aire Ancient Baths.


Be it a trip, a spa session, theater event, or a wine/whiskey/beer tasting class, most times, you can't go wrong with picking an experience over a gift after years of being together. Just make sure to find an event that's more under the radar, so you're not spending Valentine's Day with a bunch of other cheesy couples whose first thought was also to sign up for this chocolate-making class. Some of our faves in NYC include a red wine bath at Aire Ancient Baths, an immersive theater experience at the likes of Sleep No More or Then She Fell, and a Crack Pie baking class at Milk Bar Bakery.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Saint Cecilia

Saint Cecilia x Eloi, Silk Scarf, $120, available at Hotel Saint Cecilia Store

This gorgeous graphic scarf is a perfectly romantic gift on its own—after all, the graphic and luridly red lips are modeled off Mick Jagger's—but take this gift to the next level by adding in a gift certificate for a weekend away at the seductively stylish Hotel Saint Cecilia, tucked away in one of Austin's most beautiful neighborhoods. And get inspired by the Anne Sexton quote on the hotel's website—"saints have no moderation, nor do poets, just exuberance"—and throw in a bottle of the hotel's signature perfume. It's a heady mixture of white tea roses, musk, grass, and wood, and is maybe all you'll want your loved one to wear when you escape for the weekend. Well, that and the scarf, of course.

SoulCycle, classes, from $20 for first ride, available at SoulCycle; Pressed Juicery, Strawberry Almond, $8, available at Pressed Juicery; Ultracor, Ultra Silk Bloom Print Legging, $185, available at Bandier; Allbirds, Wool Runners, $95, available at Allbirds.

The best part about being with somebody for that long is that you know pretty much everything about each other and can no longer offend or have them misinterpret things the wrong way. All that to say that you can get them those SoulCycle passes that they love but hate to shell out for, or that juice cleanse that they've been saving up to do, without the fear of offending by implying that they need to lose weight/eat better/read more... Similarly, you can get them that kickass workout gear that they have been eyeing.

Photograph courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co., Elsa Peretti Bean Pendant, $700, available at Tiffany & Co.

The bean symbolizes the beginning of something. Commemorate the beginning of your one-of-a-kind love story with this iconic Elsa Peretti design. We promise it will never go out of style.

Photograph courtesy of Alice + Olivia.

Alice + Olivia, Gamma Always Right Leather Jacket, $995, available at Alice + Olivia.

After all these years, just admit the defeat. She is always right, godammit.