RÉN Takes Us “Into The Unknown” In Fantastical New Music Video

Gotta let go

They say if something scares you, you should do it. That, of course, should be taken with a grain of salt and measured by your individual comfort level, but there is merit in the saying. The hardest things in life are the scariest; complacency gets you nowhere. We throw around the phrase "let go" too often, but that's because no one listens to it. It seems like the only way it resonates is when it's sung, and RÉN's latest seeks to inspire just that.

"Into The Unknown" captures the feeling between breaking free and feeling stuck. Society, man, it'll get the best of ya. Thankfully, RÉN reminds us that all is not lost. There is magic to be found in the world and within yourself. The video for the track tips its hat to the Zeitgeist's favorite lost but determined soul Alice from Alice In Wonderland. RÉN tells us it was shot in a sculpture garden her mother used to bring her to as a kid. Her sister and best friend star as well. "The idea of this song," she tells us, "is about breaking free from aspects of life holding you back from what you really want, and marching to the beat of your own drum." Luckily for you, "Into The Unknown" packs a drum beat to which it's easy to march to. Now, all you have to do is channel that nervous energy into your own fabulous flair and move (or strut!) forward. The unknown ain't so bad once you're there, anyway.