Required Reading: Watch The Raveonettes’ New Music Video for “Killer In The Streets”

+ there’s another creepy ahs freak show teaser.

As if we're already not pumped enough for the next season of

American Horror Story, 

the show has released yet another teaser for 

Freak Show

. And we have to admit, they just keep getting better and better. Is it October 8th yet? (



After teaming up to automatically download the band's latest album into iTunes libraries worldwide, Apple and U2 are together again, working on a secret project to transform the way we listen to our tunes. To fight against illegal downloads, the band and the tech giant are creating a new form of digital music that will be impossible to pirate--yet will somehow lure listeners into buying it. We must say, we're intrigued. (



The iPhone 6 was officially released today, bringing technophiles to camp outside of their local Apple stores. The first man to get his hands on the latest model was so thrilled that he proceeded to drop the phone--but luckily Apple seems to have made this gadget surprisingly shockproof. (


The Raveonettes released a new music video for their song "Killer In The Streets." Watch below. (



Calling all stylish students: Uniqlo wants to pay for your college tuition. The Japanese brand is offering two scholarships: one to Harvard Business School and another to Harvard Graduate School of Design. There's a catch though: Recipients must be Japanese citizens who have already been accepted into the programs. Even if you don't meet the requirements, this fast fashion label wants you to get your study on--all the while looking effortlessly chic, we might add. (



The first trailer for

Buttercup Bill

, directed by Émilie Richard-Froozan and Rémy Bennett, has just been released. The film, which will show at the New Orleans Film Festival (October 16-23), tells a dark love story between two long-lost soul mates. Take a look at the trailer below. (