This Product Helped Me Achieve The Brows Of My Dreams

Bless you forever

Whenever someone asks me to name my celebrity crush, I respond without a second thought: Lily Collins’ eyebrows. Look, Lily is great in general and all, but, let’s be honest, those brows are real showstoppers.

In my longtime, not-so-secret crush on Collins’ enchanted eyebrows, I’ve discovered that they are powerful enough to have warranted their own Twitter account. I mean, just look at them; are you even surprised? My engrossment had developed into full-on envy, and I soon found myself on a journey to obtain bushy brows of my very own.

My natural brows aren’t so bad, but they don't really deserve their own social media presence. They’re naturally pretty dark but grow on the sparser side. (Over-plucking in my teens probably didn’t help my case.) I’ve tried microblading in the past and have tested every brow cosmetic under the sun, yet my envy over Collins' brows remained. What's more, I wanted the real thing—not something I’d have to paint on each morning or have tattooed onto my face. I dreamed of tangibly thick and full brows; the more imperfect and caterpillar-like, the better.

And I knew it must be possible. Throughout my career as a beauty editor, I’ve overheard other editors share their brow secrets at various events and gatherings—including Rogaine. Rogaine? Yes.

So one evening, as I found myself adding Rogaine and mascara spoolies to my Amazon cart while simultaneously Googling whether or not this experiment would result in a rash and instant regret, I came across another product I had heard whispered about amongst my beauty editor friends: RevitaBrow, a conditioning brow-“enhancing” serum by RevitaLash Cosmetics. And so, I opted for the latter—tested and trusted for use on the face—instead of Rogaine.

RevitaBrow’s clear and easy-to-apply liquid formula uses a special Biopeptin Complex (a blend of biotin, green tea extract, peptides, and lipids) to condition, strengthen, and prevent breakage. Calendula improves shine and helps the brows retain moisture while swertia japonica and panax ginseng work to nourish and protect each hair. The promised results? A full-on brow revitalization.

Look, no product is truly a miracle, but RevitaBrow might be the closest thing to it. After swiping it on twice a day for a couple of weeks, the results were there, and they were obvious. My brows were visibly thicker and fuller, and the sparse spots a little less sparse. They had a special shine to them that I’ve never before witnessed until now. While the product doesn’t necessarily promise growth, the hairs did grow a little longer. "Long eyebrow hair” might not sound very appealing, but this was a much-welcomed result for me.

I was able to achieve the perfectly unkempt, feathery look with ease, sans any delicately penciled-in fake hairs. (Because who has time for that, anyway?) They looked fantastic on their own, but a quick swipe of clear brow gel to hold it all in place and bam—I had the envy-inducing brows I'd always dreamed of. Sure, they still don’t resemble those of Miss Collins or Cara Delevingne, but this is as close as I’m going to get without hair plugs, so I’ll take it.

I will warn you, at $110 for a full size that will last you four months, this stuff ain’t cheap. But, it’s totally worth the investment if you, too, have a longtime, not-so-secret crush on Collins' eyebrows. You can purchase your own tube of brow magic, here.