go ahead and let loose! your hair, anyway.

by liza darwin

Beach baby waves never go out of style. But the fact that it's finally summer means that we want to spend more time with our friends-not our straightening iron- so we're even more inclined to let our wavy hair go free.

There's no shortage of products that work wonders for easy surfer hair, but thanks to KEVIN.MURPHY, we've just found our new favorite. The Aussie beauty brand has just launched HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY, a multitasking aerosol that both thickens and gives hair a piece-y texture. You can spray it on wet or dry hair, and unlike some of the others we've tried, this one won't leave it feeling crunchy or dry.

Instead of that instantly-recognizable coconut perfected by Bumble and Bumble, this product has a sweet citrus scent that reminds us of a mix between Ralph Lauren "Ralph" and Burberry "Summer" fragrances. Instead of stepping off the beach, you'll smell just like you stepped off a resort- in other words, really good.

So good, in fact, that if you decided to ditch the perfume in favor of this double-duty hair spray, we wouldn't blame you.

Buy it here.