Watch Rihanna Livestream Herself As She Watches Herself On Television

So meta!

Want to hear something seriously meta? Rihanna livestreamed herself as she watched herself on television.

If you’re not following the singer’s every move (what do you even do in your spare time?), she plays Marion Crane, of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, on A&E’s Bates Motel series. Last night, during her cameo appearance, she held a watch party with friends. During it, she decided to livestream the whole 45-minute event for her fans.

We don’t get too much exposure to the bad gal outside of her music, so this was fun. “Ew! I can even hear the sound of that kiss, it’s disgusting,” you hear her say during the beginning of the stream. “This is so weird, oh my god. I can’t.”

About halfway through the stream, she decides to switch up the drinking game they’ve been playing while watching the show. “I think we need to change the drinking game,” she announces. “We need to change it to Sam… damn we’re like three shots behind.” Later, the group changes the name to Norman. A dangerous move, seeing as that’s the name of Bates Motel’s lead character. “Don’t try this at home, kids,” she advises.

This isn’t Rihanna’s last acting gig, so it might not be our last livestream, either. She’ll be in Ocean’s Eight along with Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, and Sandra Bullock. We’d absolutely tune in for another Instagram Live starring that crew.