Watch Rihanna Get Mobbed By Fans In The “Goodbye Gotham” Video

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Back in December 2014, Rihanna invited a bunch of fans to meet up with her in Trocadéro Square in Paris. ANTI had yet to be released, and there was speculation that RiRi was staging a bit of viral marketing for the upcoming record. That turned out to be kind of right, as Rihanna has just released a short video for her track "Goodbye Gotham" that uses footage from that chaotic, euphoric night. 

"Goodbye Gotham" is a bonus track off of ANTI, and is only about a minute long. Still, it's a grandiose and triumphant piece of production and provides the perfect soundtrack to the footage. That footage includes Rihanna and her posse rolling up to Trocadéro in an SUV—"This is the craziest thing I've ever done,"she says—in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Then, in a moment that feels staged and spontaneous at the same time, Rihanna bursts out of her CAR and sprints (in slow motion) toward a mob of screaming fans, who naturally run toward her. Then, just as the song crescendoes, Rihanna and her fans collide and amidst a sea of smartphones, she is lifted into the air triumphantly. It is at once moving and frightening, and it's manipulative as hell—but it works. Watch it above.