Rihanna Shows Us How To “Kiss It Better” In Her New Video

Bad Gal RiRi is on the loose

If there's one thing we know for a certain regarding Rihanna and the things she enjoys doing the most, teasing would be at the top of the list. All week long, the singer has been hyping up the release of her music video for "Kiss It Better" from her Instagram account. Alas, the moment has finally arrived. This time, it's not a big-budget double picture like "Work" though.

Shot in black and white, Rihanna is all alone rolling (and floating) in lingerie. She starts off covered in a sheet, which doesn't stay on her body for very long, and then proceeds to fight the wind that is blowing on her aggressively. You can feel the tension build every time Rihanna begs, "What are you going to do? Oh, tell me what you're willing to do."

And when you think she's done, Rihanna regains control by yelling, "Man, fuck yo pride. Just take it on back, boy, take it on back, boy." RiRi is always in charge, and she will be quick to remind you should you be foolish enough to forget it.

If all you ever wanted was to gaze at every inch of Rihanna in all of her glory, this is what you have been waiting for. It's four minutes of sultry, sensual, and lusty AF footage. Prepare to be mesmerized by the video, above.