Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images


Rihanna Wins Met Gala Before Even Walking The Red Carpet

Phresh off the runway

If the Met Gala was honoring the prolific and daring designer Rei Kawakubo, you'd expect the red carpet to be a runway of prolific and daring fashion. You'd expect deconstructed gowns, super-structured pieces, and a strong theme of punk to tie it all together. What's that saying, though? Expect the unexpected, for tonight's Met Gala red carpet honoring the prolific and daring designer Rei Kawakubo played it safe.

Until Rihanna left her hotel.

Around 8pm in New York City, Robyn Rihanna Fenty walked out of The Carlyle hotel. She was en route to save the Met Gala with style and grace, leaving all the fucks she had to give in her wake. She wore Comme Des Garçons Autumn/Winter 2016 runway. And just like that, the Met Gala was saved and won. All hail Met Gal RiRi.