Photo via @fentybeauty Instagram


Rihanna Responds To Request For More Trans Models In Fenty Beauty Ads

And social media has mixed feelings

When we think of inclusive beauty brands, one of the first to come to mind is Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty. From the diverse range of models used in her campaigns to a whopping 40-shade foundation range, it’s clear she strives to make sure her beauty brand is one that everyone can feel a part of.

However, some felt that she may have slightly missed the mark when it came to the lack of trans models represented.

A Fenty Beauty fan @lbertootero wrote that, while they think the current campaign is awesome, Rihanna should consider inviting a trans girl into the group for her next campaign. RiRi sent a very thoughtful DM back, which was screenshotted for us to see:

She makes an excellent point, by bringing up the unfairness behind using trans women or women of color as a “convenient marketing tool” or as the “token ‘we look mad diverse’” model, stating that she doesn’t do castings for certain type of models. Many were quick to praise her response (including @lbertootero, who captioned the screenshot, “When I thought she couldn’t teach me more...”).

However, others felt differently and brought up another very important point. Brooklyn drag musician duo Sateen tweeted the below, calling out the importance of transgender and gender-nonconforming visibility, especially with today’s current political atmosphere.

Both sides make very valid points, and we don’t think that anyone is in the wrong here. We praise RiRi for her already diverse range of models in all of her Fenty campaigns—and we look forward to seeing even more of it.