Rihanna Was Totally Blown Away By A Giant Statue Of Herself

    When Rihannas collide

    by · August 17, 2016

    Photo by David Becker / Getty images

    Rihanna, meet Rihanna. Clad in a typically bold lime green outfit, the “Work” singer finally came face-to-much-bigger-face with the giant statue built in her likeness, which was revealed this past June to coincide with the ninth Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art.

    It’s easy to imagine someone like Rihanna—who’s traveled the world many times over—being hard to impress. After all, this is the woman who’s turned her birthday into a lifestyle. But upon seeing the giant, bikini-clad, headless version of herself, it was hard for RiRi to contain her disbelief. After meeting Juan Sebastián Peláez, the Columbian artist responsible for installation, Rihanna dutifully posed for photos in front of the blown-up version of herself with various members of her Navy.

    Berlin, like many of Europe’s grand capitals, is a city rich in history and gorgeous architecture. But you know what it has that other cities don’t? A giant freaking Rihanna. Check out the highlights from the singer’s unusual encounter below.

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