Photo by Drew Levin; Styled by Heather Dunphy; Makeup by Leilani Sunglao; Hair by Staci Child


Introducing The Rebel Yearbook, The Alt Girl’s Superlative Guide

Presented in partnership with Rimmel London

by NYLON x Rimmel London

High school would've been more enjoyable had it celebrated the rebels. Yearbooks and superlatives were all about best dressed, best smile, most likely to succeed, blah blah blah. That's all fine and good, of course, but let's hear it for the punks, the weirdos, the ones who stood out because fitting in was so, well, boring. Imagine how colorful and wondrous those yearbooks would have been.

Imagine no longer. We partnered with Rimmel London to bring to life the superlatives we would've wanted to see in our yearbooks, where bold bests traditional beauty and edginess trumps everything. It's the outspoken people that run the world, after all. Here's where they got their start.

Photographer:Drew LevinStylist:Heather DunphyMakeup:Leilani Sunglao, assisted by Lauren ElizabethHair:Staci ChildModels:Cheeky Maa, Lee Armoogam, Lune TournesolNelli Virchenko

Director:Ren Potts

Brand Partnerships Director:Meredith Davis

Best Renegade Eye RollThere's an art to the eye roll. It requires nuance and sweet, sweet aloofness. It's not that you're necessarily over everything, you're just over it—whatever that may be. The individual deserving of this title keeps it real by telling it like it is without so much as a word. And why should they have to spell it all out, when an eye roll is worth a thousand words?

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The Life Of The PartyYou wanna know the newest beats to bump at the freshest party? You wanna know where that party is? Look no further than right here. The Life of the Party is equal parts rebellious and playful. Innocence is a tool, and pastels paired with glitter are never not an option. Count on them for a good time. Some people have a lot of friends for the sake of having them, this person has many but, in a sweet turn of events, actually cares for each and every one of them.

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Most Likely To Start A RevolutionLeaders aren't raised, they're born. They listen, form their beliefs, and fight for them. A feminist by nature and punk at heart, they bring a fiery passion to everything they do. Call them activists, call them outspoken—we're calling them revolutionaries.

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The One With The Hottest Graffiti GameWhen you're an artist, the world is your canvas, and you can paint the town red—or whatever color you please. Sure, you may get caught from time to time, but the thrill is a part of the fun, right? You know you're destined for greatness, you just have to pay your dues. Spray on, girl.

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