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this ring is the next best technology accessory

your technology and fashion obsessions in one

by leah cunningham

Like any working person, texts and messages often go unnoticed, resulting in what we like to call FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). While our phones are practically attached to our hands nowadays, there are still times when notifications are overlooked as we go about our busy schedules. Then at about 3 a.m., we realize that we missed a ton of messages on Tinder and notifications on Instagram. Not cool.

This is such a 21st Century problem, but it comes with an even more 21st Century solution, particularly one that is fashionable. Ringly is a line of stylish rings that connects you to apps in your phone. Through the Ringly app, the ring can sync with 30+ apps so that you never miss a Tinder date or important message from your girlfriends ever again. In addition to the fact that they come in amazingly chic colors, the rings are the perfect way to keep a distance from your phone while staying connected to any information you deem important. Let's hope that FOMO is a thing of the past with technology like this. 

photo courtesy of Ringly