Watch The Spooky Trailer For The Horror Sequel ‘Rings’

And it’s called ‘Rings’

Fourteen years after Samara crawled out of a TV and into our hearts, she's back to her old completely horrific tricks. The girl in the well with the perma-bad hair day is the focus of the new trailer for Rings, the upcoming sequel to The Ring and The Ring Two, which set off a wave of Japanese horror movie adaptations in the mid-aughts. The premise remains the same: Watch a creepy video relating to the death of a young girl via the well, and you will die a truly terrible death in exactly seven days.

Taking over for Naomi Watts is rising star Matilda Lutz, who does a very stupid thing when she watches a mysterious video (you know the one) to save her boyfriend, who had become obsessed with the subculture surrounding it. She ends up discovering a “movie within the movie” that no one has seen before which, well, can't be good. That leads a series of unfortunate events, culminating in what looks like the worst plane crash ever.

And in case all of this somehow terrifies you, here is a grown-up Samara enjoying her Starbucks by the river, reminding you that it's just a movie.

Rings hits theaters on October 28, and you can watch the trailer above.