RIP Swirl Has Made Your New Go-To Greeting Card

Watch his trippy music video for “Hi!”

Berlin-based artist Luka Seifert is the gift that keeps on giving. Between Birthday and RIP Swirl, the producer is busier than he's ever been, but that's how he likes it. Today, we're premiering RIP Swirl's music video for "Hi!," and it's probably going to be the weirdest thing you watch all day.

The Felix Aaron-directed visual avoids incorporating a "detailed concept," an intentional approach on Aaron's part. "We spontaneously decided to spend a day at the botanic gardens and shoot a trippy holiday video in a low-fi vibe inspired by the moody tune Luka provided at the Neukölln local greens," he says.

The video cuts between VHS clips of Seifert and lush green plants. Every so often, teary-eyed emojis, skeletons on bicycles, a white Lamborghini, and a dancing Snoop Dog—among other things—flash on the screen. As for the track itself, prepare to feel completely mellowed out as it casts a moody spell on you.

See it for yourself and watch all the wild shenanigans go down, below.