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beauty queen: rita ora

the packing secrets of jet-setting it girls.

by rebecca willa davis

It's tough being a globe-trotting it Girl. No seriously, before you pull out the world's tiniest violin, hear me out: While us normals can get away with wearing arriving at our destination with matted-down hair from hours spent on an airplane, wearing the same outfit day after day,  and rocking seriously damaged pedicures, people like Rita Ora don't get a pass. From the moment she exits the airport on, photographers follow her like white on rice--and are just waiting for her to have an off-moment.

Now, at NYLON we'd never run a "OMG She Wore The Same Outfit LOLZ!!!!" type of story, but we do get super impressed when we see someone who figures out how to get smart about packing in the midst of a jet-setting moment. So check out the British singer: Despite going from show to show, party to party during Paris Fashion Week, she always managed to look flawless. The key is bringing along a few accent pieces that will make your look pop (oh hey, ear cuff, lace veil, and super graphic nail art), and then keeping everything else really easy. And what's easier than a red lipstick that you know looks awesome on you?! They take up almost no space in your suitcase, so that you can justify bringing along, oh, five pairs of shoes.

Consider this your ultimate jet-setting beauty packing guide:

RED IT: MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo - $14.50

Ora has previously professed her love for Ruby Woo, and with good reason: It's about as classic of a (not-orange) red as you can get.

BROW IT: Smashbox Brow Tech To Go - $27

Even globe-trotting girls need to keep their brows looking bold--this "to go" version is very suitcase friendly.

NAIL IT: Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps in Black and White Strip - $6.99

Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino once told me that her on-tour nail secret is wearing wraps, since you don't have to worry about touch-ups or chipping while you're traveling. Get Ora's super mod nail art with Nail Rock's crazy-easy version.