rokka by antonia’s flowers

Her first men’s fragrance, but hopefully not her last…

by Christian Lavery

Antonia Bellanca’s first men’s fragrance, "Rokka," may be a little unexpected, but it’s definitely a surprise worth welcoming. A creation from the mind of the perfumer known for feminine and botanical scents, this cologne hits home with the rugged outdoorsman - drawing its essence from the mountain and seas. Originally crafted as a party favor for a close friend, it was only a matter of time before this light yet powerful fragrance made its way to the masses. An opulent blend of citrus, violet, cedar, moss, and a few other earthy aromas, "Rokka" not only captures a natural masculinity, but its packaging follows suit. Each bottle contains a cloth decal and is encased in fiberglass – a handmade process done by a Cape Cod boat builder - creating a rough, textured exterior. Pick up a bottle HERE, and although this is only Bellanca’s first men’s fragrance, we sure hope it’s not her last.