roller girls

why walk when you can skate?

by steff yotka

Whether you're super lazy or just super crazy, roller skates are the ideal footwear for you. Sure, you might seem a little out of place rolling in to a CMJ show or a screening of Kill Your Darlings on some skates, but for those off-duty moments you want to have a little fun, why not opt for an outfit with some wheels? Especially when the latest crop of roller skates available to buy might be some of the coolest styles ever. 

Let's start with the apex of luxury: white and black leather roller skates by Saint Laurent. Shaped like a sneaker, the skates are perched on a metal sole that connect the tres cool kicks to the "Krypto Impulse" wheels. C'est magnifique, well, except for the $1,150 price tag.

If you're not up for spending a month's rent on some footwear, you can try out cute options from Fred Flare and Moxi. Fred Flare's retro-inspired white skates with multicolor wheels are perfect for your '50s drive-in waitress costume, while Hello Kitty red ones from Moxi are great for times when your Hello Kitty top, skirt, and socks are in the wash. There are also ferociously rad leopard print skates from Moxi that will add some oomph to your reenactment of Katy Perry's "Roar" video.

Nonconformists can rejoice because Jeffrey Campbell has combined platform sandals and roller skates into one awesome shoe. Sure, there are no breaks on this pair, but when you look that cool rolling down the side walk, why stop?

Fred Flare Colorblock Roller Skates -- $148

Moxi Mint Green Roller Skates -- $299

Hello Kitty Moxi Roller Skates -- $199

Saint Laurent Classic Roller Skate -- $1,150

Moxi Jungle Roller Skates -- $199

Jeffrey Campbell Roller Platform -- $198